The Dark Water Gospel


About The Dark Water Gospel

Author Douglas McDaniel pens this poignant memoir set in the Appalachian hills of East Tennessee. McDaniel's anthology of bittersweet and funny stories illuminate family secrets that cloaked for years the works of his great uncle, 20th century American illustrator John Alan Maxwell (1904-1984). Unknown by many in Doug's family, Maxwell illustrated for such authors as John Steinbeck, Pearl Buck, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Aldous Huxley, Christopher Morley, and Edna Ferber. McDaniel's 35-year quest to learn who his uncle was is revealed, underscoring the power of love, luck, magic and friendship necessary to complete his own journey. First released as a podcast, coming to hardcover book format in 2022.

Music by Matt Honkonen, Pitchwire